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Lettings Contact:

Mark Ruleman
Tel: 07977 544727

Letting your property can often be a complex, time consuming process that has quite stringent legal requirements. Letting agents, with their experience, are able to offer advice throughout the whole letting process as well as being able to gain access to a much wider range of potential tenants.


Why employ Nicholas Craddock Lettings department?


We at Nicholas Craddock realise that we are entrusted with what is essentially most people's most expensive asset i.e. their house or flat. Over many years we have developed a reputation for excellent customer service, accuracy and attention to detail when selecting tenants and we have acquired a wealth of experience that allows us to offer our clients the very best advice during tenant selection and management of their property.


What sort of Tenancy agreement do we use?


Under the Housing Act 1988 (as amended), we prepare Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements for a minimum period of six months (although longer term tenancies can be drawn up). These tenancy agreements are designed to give you, the landlord, control and allow you to regain possession of your property at the end of the tenancy providing that the appropriate notices are served on the tenant. Our staff can advise on all aspects of the correct legal procedure to make sure that the tenancy runs smoothly.


What happens if there are problems with the tenants once they have moved in?


At Nicholas Craddock we have a reputation for finding quality tenants. To achieve this, we carry out stringent checks on potential tenants by obtaining up-to-date references and arrange meetings between the landlord and tenant so that we in effect hand-pick the preferred tenant.


Experience has shown that if we carry out a detailed screening process at this stage, then problems at a later stage are few and far between. In all cases, we do collect a returnable deposit from the take over in-going tenants usually equal to one month's rent however, if problems do arise, our staff are trained to deal with them quickly and efficiently to minimise any inconvenience to the landlord.


It is worth remembering that tenants in today's letting market are usually quite easy to find; what we concentrate on is finding the right tenants who will look after your property to a high standard and pay their rent on a regular basis.